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Fibromyalgia Cure

How Vibration Treatments Can Help Fibromyalgia

Vibration Treatments for fibromyalgia

Massaging a sore area on the body is something that we naturally do to either prevent or calm down levels of pain.

Considering that a patient of fibromyalgia can feel chronic pain all throughout their body, it’s also purely natural for them to want to press down and massage their pain pressure points for relief.

The only problem is, you can’t massage all of the painful areas in your body at once.

Nonetheless, there is still one technique that is very similar to massage: vibration. It’s also been found that vibration as a treatment method to reduce pain levels from fibromyalgia is quite effective; it can reduce the pain one feels as much as forty percent.

That’s much more effective than taking a pill or exercising to get rid of the pain. What’s more? Vibration treatment can be done at a very low cost.

If you’re suffering from fibromyalgia, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s finally a treatment method that’s both effective and can be completed at a lower price point.

Pain Signals

The reason why you feel pain is because pain signals from your nerves are sent to the brain. In order to relieve your pain, you’ll have to control these nerves.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done; for people who suffer from fibromyalgia, it’s significantly harder to control the pain.

Ironically, one method that medical researchers use to control the pain a patient feels is to subject them to a new kind of pain.  Sounds confusing?  It is at first, and it certainly isn’t as appealing to patients.

This logic of subjecting patients to a different kind of pain is what led researchers to suggest and test whole body vibration as a possible treatment method for pain relief from fibromyalgia.

From what has been discovered, whole body vibration leads to more pain relief and beyond that, better quality of life.

Vibration, or just Exercise?

Nonetheless, researchers were at first confused as to whether or not the vibration was actually the main reason behind pain relief…or whether it was because of simple exercise.

After all, the effects of whole body vibration could be the same as one exercising and being active.

This theory was made even more complicated by the knowledge that one of the best types of treatments for fibromyalgia is, in fact, exercise.

Since symptoms of fibromyalgia include chronic pain, a difficulty sleeping, and fatigue, exercise helps all three.

It helps to take the attention of the brain away from the pain felt and provide temporary relief, and exercise naturally increases the body’s desire to rest. This means that the patient can get a better night’s sleep, and with more sleep, comes less fatigue.

If whole body vibration does have near to or the same exact effects as exercise, then this unleashes an entirely new realm of possibilities.

Whereas the patient would previously have to go out and run, play a sport like tennis, or swim in a pool, they can no simple stand or sit on a vibrating platform machine.

The muscles contract and relax (in the same way that they would through regular exercise) just by sitting on the vibrating machine.

Ask yourself what’s more appealing to you: spending thirty minutes getting some exercise (which really isn’t a bad idea anyway), or sitting on a whole body vibrating machine?

No surprise, but whole body vibrating machines are now being used at fitness centers and being sold on the commercial market.

Don’t think of whole body vibration as a cure for fibromyalgia, because it definitely isn’t. Our knowledge of fibromyalgia, after all these decades of research and testing, still has a long way to go until we can develop an official cure.

Until then, all we have are pain relief treatments.  In due course, there may end up being no better way to treat the pain of fibromyalgia than by whole body vibration treatment.

Whole body vibration treatment has been explored in greater detail at Indiana University by an experienced team of medical researchers.

The team has decided that the findings from whole body vibration treatment for fibromyalgia are, so far, very promising but not yet complete.

It’s not yet clear if the improvements a patient with fibromyalgia sees is purely because of whole body vibration, or just from being more active.

If the answer does end up being because of simply being more active, then it might make more sense just to get regular exercise, since the physical rewards of exercise go beyond relieving pain felt from fibromyalgia.

We don’t yet know the cause of fibromyalgia, other than it involves the nerves and attacks the body via chronic pain, stress, and fatigue. As much as five million American adults, or around 2 percent of the population, suffer from fibromyalgia.

These adults find great difficulty in simply enjoying the benefits of everyday life because of what the symptoms of fibromyalgia does to them.

Researchers are spending much time in trying to find the right cure and as many treatment plans as possible for fibromyalgia.

If vibrations can cause the muscles to relax and thus divert from muscular pain, then fibromyalgia patients can rejoice at the steps forward that have been made.

The same team from Indiana University, and certainly other medical teams around the world, will continue to explore the possibilities that whole body vibration has opened up.

Previously, medical and scientific teams were unsure about the effects of Vitamin D supplements had on fibromyalgia symptoms.

But later, they discovered that it definitely had an effect on reducing chronic pain. All the same, it will only take a little more time for the result of whole body vibration testing to become more clear in regards to fibromyalgia and other forms of chronic pain. But from what we know so far, things do look promising.





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